Staffing Firms

Managing risk can be incredibly challenging for staffing firms. You juggle numerous stakeholders, complex regulations and cover a broad range of exposures. But going it alone leaves you vulnerable.

Proactive protection for your people and business

At Program Insurance Enterprises, we provide an integrated risk management solution combining powerful software with tailored coverage. This unified approach gives you the tools and insights to:

  • Drive workplace safety with data-driven training initiatives targeted to your specific vulnerabilities
  • Streamline processes like claims management through customized workflows and standardized forms
  • Confidently manage risks with trusted insurance advocacy and optimal pricing tailored to your unique needs

Actionable insights to make smarter decisions

Our experienced team goes beyond just providing insurance. We take a consultative approach to deeply understand your operations, risks, and industry regulations.

With these insights, we identify vulnerabilities, customize training initiatives, and secure optimal insurance tailored to your specific situation – not generalized solutions. You gain proven expertise designed around staffing industry best practices.

Partnering with PIE provides a complete toolkit enabling:

  • Data-driven decisions through robust analytics that deliver clear visibility into safety gaps so you can refine training and reduce incidents
  • Efficient claims management by consolidating documentation into one centralized platform, eliminating disjointed manual processes
  • Proactive loss prevention by collaborating to minimize exposures through targeted safety initiatives

Let us help you improve safety, reduce costs, and drive growth

Managing risk doesn’t have to be a burden. PIE has the staffing expertise and technology to help protect your business, people, and bottom line.

Contact us today for a complimentary risk assessment. Let’s discuss how we can help you take control of your risks and unlock a brighter, more protected future.


CASE STUDY: PIE for Staffing